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Spot Focus is the only media company focusing entirely on convention centers and focusing on developing partnerships with show management. We provide a customized, comprehensive, turn-key digital media program that is attractive and beneficial to shows and produces higher gross revenues, thus higher net payments to the Center.

We understand the delicate nature of the show manager/convention center relationship and we enhance the experience for both. Our management team includes an ex-convention center general manager who completely understands the intricacies of convention center operations.

We are the only company in our industry with exclusive contracts in six convention centers, with a total of 1,688,000 sq ft of exhibit space. Our headquarters are in the heart of Silicon Valley where we stay abreast of cutting edge technology and tap into a rich network of human resources. We have also assembled an advisory board consisting of convention center general managers, convention/trade/consumer show managers, and top Silicon Valley technical experts.

Spot Focus becomes a member of your team and your community. We offer custom services fitting our talents to your needs, and comprehensive services, marketing not only our digital media, but also facility sponsorships if desired.

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